Nana’s new website is now live!

October 9, 20140
Nana's Diner has a new website

Nana has finally gotten around to coming up to speed with the latest and greatest in technology.

It’s no secret when I walk through the restaurant more almost all of my guest (friends) have smart phones with access to the internet! Unfortunately, prior to today, the only way you could easily view Nana’s website was on a desktop with a big old monitor.  Now our new site is compatible with all devices.  Smartphones, Tablets and desktops.

As we continue to add to this site you will find everything you need to know about what is happening here.  Everyday there is something new and exciting going on.  Watch as we build out our menu so you can now use the Facebook “Like” system to vote for your favorite meals and share this info with your friends.  It’s all happening right before your eyes and we are glad you are part of our journey to stay connected with you.

See you soon,






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